No one before Bernini had managed to make marble so carnal. In his nimble hands it would flatter and stream, quiver and sweat. His figures weep and shout, their torses twist and run, and arch themselves in spasms of intense sensation. He could, like an alchemist, change one material into another - marble into trees, leaves, hair, and, of course, flesh.  
     -   Simon Schama’s Power of Art. Bernini

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I had a bit of a rant on my twitter last night.

I have so many feelings about this and only so many minutes in my lunch break. Might revisit this later.


Pretty simple!


Aaaaaa this twitter is horrifying aaaaaaa

To all you young artists out there: this sort of thing is likely to come your way at some point!  Don’t be fooled, rare - RARE - is the job where the “exposure” is worth a lack of/very little pay.


posting egon schiele and tagging it “thinspo”


America process. 




Okurie by Yosuke Tan

Oh how pretty, cherry blosso—— oh.  OH.

If CLAMP has taught me anything, it is that if you see cherry blossoms, you better run the other way. 

^this. Cherry blossoms = DUCK AND COVER

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How To Draw Hands by James Crabb [tumblr]

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The Internet.


Pages 49, 50 & 51

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Back from holiday break, and it’s the dawn of a new day..

Reblogging because, seriously. The watercolor work in this (already-great) comic is fantastic, especially that second page.

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I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m going to take a stand. I’m going to defend it. Right or wrong, I’m going to defend it.

It is a real print. The internet tells me it’s Olly Moss, but his website has a different print so who the hell knows!


Dress, Yves Saint Laurent, 1980s (via omgthatdress)

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Rabbit Season
by Tom whalen 


A clever typography series using letters within a word to illustrate the word.

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